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Windows Azure Is Now FedRAMP Certified By The US Government

The US federal government may currently be going through the first day of the shutdown crisis after the two Houses of Congress failed to agree to the budget. But Microsoft has just announced that it has nailed

MSI Reveals The First Windows 8.1 Certified Motherboard, The Z87-G43

As robotic a name as it gets, but hey, the motherboard has got a first row ticket. It is now officially the first Windows 8.1 certified motherboard and will soon hit the store shelves across the world.

Microsoft Publishes Windows 8.1 Hardware Certification Requirements

The recently concluded Worldwide Partner Conference was the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to share deep details about its upcoming products and services, and as expect Windows 8.1 remained the prime focus of the event. Redmond revealed a

Cloud Backup v12 Now Windows 8 And Windows Server 2012 Certified

Windows Video – Testing mobile broadband devices

Another new Microsoft video. The Windows Hardware Certification program helps to ensure the quality, compatibility, and operation of mobile broadband drivers and device firmware with Windows 8. The Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK) helps to decrease connectivity