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Inside CES 2012 – Nvidia Press Conference

Microsoft Windows 8 is coming to market, and it will run on ARM-based devices, such as Tegra-powered devices. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang chats with Microsoft’s Aiden Marcus. Aiden demonstrates a Tegra 3 reference platform running Windows 8,

My personal assessment of the CES 2012 conference

So I’m back home in California after briefly visiting CES 2012 to cover the Steve Ballmer keynote speech. Here was my take from my brief time at the conference. I thought that the conference venue was warm

New Windows 8 "Gamer Tablet" Shown Off At CES

  Not too long ago, I spoke about how awesome it would be to see an Xbox-branded gamer tabletthat featured all the power of Windows 8 and pushed Xbox-Live integration, alongside high-profile gaming capabilities. I made it

Apple has engineers and sales people at CES 2012

So here’s something that’s real interesting. Apple is not showing any products at CES 2012 but I know for a FACT that they have employees at the show. I was hanging out in the Press Lounge (next

Inside CES 2012: Windows 8 Build 8175 on display – Video

Microsoft was on the floor of CES 2012 yesterday with a copy of Windows 8 pre-beta 8175. Microsoft are hard at work developing Windows 8 to make the Windows 8 Beta release date in late February. As

Inside CES 2012 – Steve Ballmer Keynote Video

Here is the keynote speech video from CES 2012. Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft.

Inside CES 2012 – Ballmer shows up at AT&T Developer Summit

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was a surprise guest at the AT&T Developer Summit today. Ballmer announced that Microsoft and partners would be unveiling news about new LTE Windows Phones throughout the event. Key point – Ballmer also

Inside CES 2012 – Intel tease with Windows 8 on the Nikiski Ultrabook

Today at CES,  Intel also unveiled a prototype Windows 8 ultrabook called the Nikiski. The Nikiski has a very different type of design with a clear glass touchpad that takes up the space underneath the keyboard which

Inside CES 2012 – Intel is pushing Ultrabooks

Intel is trying to promote the buying of Ultrabooks this year at CES 2012. It’s chips power these devices so that kinda makes sense. In its presentation today, Intel vice president and general manager of the Intel

CES 2012 starts tomorrow

Well after a (surprisingly) smooth drive from California, I’m in Vegas baby! I’m staying at the Monte Carlo hotel on the Vegas strip and I have to say, it’s not too bad. I’m surprised because Vegas doesn’t really look