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Steven Sinofsky offers a “trip report” about CES 2013

Former Windows Head Steven Sinofsky updated his blog with a disturbingly detailed recounting of CES 2013. Ironically, if you didn’t attend CES this year, this blog post actually does a great job in giving you the highlights

Acer Still Can’t Stop Criticizing Microsoft

Acer and Microsoft go a long way. Both companies have had a long collaboration, with the Taiwanese technology company bringing to market several products carrying Microsoft software. But ever since Microsoft announced the development of Windows 8

Dell introduce their Latitude 10 Tablets

Qualcomm Says You Should Never Count Microsoft Out

We have recently covered several articles that have different companies complaining about Windows mobile efforts, including vocal Windows 8 hater, Valve’s Gabe Newell. While many companies are whining about Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 8, not everyone

CES 2013 Is Here – Products, Plans and Steve Ballmer

Toshiba reveals new $800 Ultrabook – U845T

Toshiba just unveiled a new budget Ultrabook and this one is sub-$1,000. It’s called the Satellite U845t. Due in March, it’s a 14-inch, touch-enabled, has a 1,366 x 768 screen and it will be available for $800.

Even Without Microsoft, Expect Windows 8-related Accessories and Hardware at CES 2013

In December of 2011, Microsoft declared that CES 2012 would be its last. Now CES 2013 is rolling around. The event will take place from January 8th to the 11th. What does this mean for Microsoft products

Get Ready For A Windows 8 Touch Gesture Mouse

I have a confession to make — I’ve always liked Genius. Now whether this was because of their cool name or even cooler logo that they had (a mouse silhouette on the letter G) is up for