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Bill Gates Steps Down As Chairman To Focus On New Microsoft Products

There is a thing in mathematics, called corollary. Dictionaries define this as consequence, result, effect, outcome, upshot, even repercussion. So in many way, there is…


Bill Gates Set to Resign As Chairman, Will Work Very Closely With New CEO

Bloomberg seems to have the lowdown on an important change that is set to take place at Microsoft. The company is already going through a…


Microsoft Board Could Replace Bill Gates As Chairman

So this happened. Microsoft has apparently decided on a new CEO, with reports claiming that cloud boss Satya Nadella is all set to take over…


Expert Thinks That Gates Leaving Microsoft Is Nearly Impossible

There are times when impossible is nothing, but in this instance it really is something. I am obviously referring to the sight of seeing Bill…


ASUS chairman unveils ASUS Windows 8 products in New York on October 23rd 2012 – Video

In this new video, ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih unveils ASUS…


Nokia Board Chairman – Nokia have contingency plans in case Windows Phone 8

Nokia’s chairman of the board Risto Siilasmaa basically said that Nokia were hedging their bets against a Windows Phone 8 failure. On a talk…