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Chitika: iPad Web Share Falls, Surface and Others Edge Forward

Now that the holiday season is over, smartphone and tablet numbers are beginning to be tallied up.  There is some good news on the tablet front for Microsoft as the iPad’s market share fell by 7.1%, according

Chitika December Tablet Report: iPad Dominates, Others See Gains

Chitika Insights have updated their report on the tablet market for December. Apple continues to dominate in tablets but Google’s Nexus, Samsung’s Galaxy and the Kindle Fire showed significant growth. Microsoft’s Surface RT market share also grew

Windows 8 Captures 2.3% of Windows Traffic 48 days Out – Chitika

Windows 8 has been on the market for nearly two months now and represents a radical departure from previous versions of Windows in its touch-centric “live-tile” based user interface.  It also targets not only the desktop but

Chitika Insights: Android Roars, Windows Retreats in November

Chitika Insights has released its OS market share numbers for November 2012, with numbers derived from their ad network. They combine desktop and mobile platforms. The numbers show the greatest gains for Android devices as they shine

Chitika Report: iPad Dominates, Surface Gains Small Toehold

Chitika Insights’ recently published report shows continuing domination of the tablet market, but also shows the Surface gaining a tiny footprint market-share-wise. The basis of the Chitika study and results comes from a sample of tens of millions