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Microsoft Fifth In North American Tablet Chart, Still A Long Way To Go

Tablets are fascinating business. Sure, Apple clearly is the dominant leader, and Samsung makes okay devices, but as this new chart illustrates, most other companies clearly don’t stand a chance. Unless things radically change in the near

Surface RT Usage On The Up In North America, Statistics Show

Microsoft may be looking to merge Windows RT with the Windows Phone platform very soon, but it appears that users in North America are already sold on the idea of a Windows on ARM powered device. In

Surface Tablets Only Make Up 0.4% Of Web Traffic

By now, few would deny that Microsoft’s first tablet, the Surface RT, has been slow off the marks. Redmond has been mum on the official sales figures of the device up till now, though unofficial estimates are

New Statistics Show Windows 8 Is On 3.3 Percent Of North American PCs

We regularly keep you guys updated on the market share of various versions of Windows (and well, other operating systems too, ha!). Most of them come from a lot of different entities, Net Applications being the foremost