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Schools Are Choosing Chromebooks, Not Windows, Claims Google

Schools, not just in the United States, apparently, are choosing Chromebooks, and not Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 with Bing devices. According to Google, that is. The search engine giant has finally responded to the Chromebook assault by Redmond.

Citrix Receiver Makes Windows Apps On Chromebook Possible

There is no shortage of voices that claim Chromebooks are basically useless. For power use, at least. These affordable laptops do not have the necessary array of productivity applications. And that is without getting into the debate

LG Reportedly Launching LPAD and WPAD Windows 8.1 Tablets

The world of Windows 8.1 tablets just got a fair bit more interesting these past few months, and it seems that the good stuff is yet to come, with more and more companies jumping in. Now there

Dell, Too, Using Intel Core i3 Processors In Latest Chromebooks

Low end hardware. Barely any onboard storage. Limited software support. These are some of the things that come to mind when one mentions Chromebooks. But times are changing. And they are changing fast — as this Acer

Microsoft Finally Launches Assault On Chromebooks

Chromebooks. Microsoft really does not think too highly of these devices, as is evident from the various signals coming from Redmond. From company officials to Scroogled campaigns, Microsoft have made it clear that these devices are downright

Australian Company Orders 8,000 Chromebooks To Replace Windows PCs

Microsoft is facing a number of threats from all quarters, and recent steps like free licenses of Windows and Windows Phone for OEMs are a good way to combat some of them. However, Chromebooks present a sustained

Microsoft And Dell Pen Android, Chrome OS Patent Royalty Agreement

The first major patent coup of the year! Microsoft and Dell have entered into an agreement relating to intellectual property that will see both companies license each other’s patents, going forward. Microsoft announced this in a press

Acer Has Launched A Touch Chromebook! Is This Trip Really Necessary?

Acer. The hardware company that lives in the hearts and minds of Windows 8 users. Or not. The company has made some radical choices in the past, starting with its unadulterated criticism of Microsoft’s newest operating system.

How come Google isn’t taking Chrome OS more seriously? The time is now to compete with Microsoft!

The most strategic tech error of the 21st Century surely has to be the way that Google has mishandled their Operating System – Chrome OS. OK maybe that’s hyperbole but based on the fact that Microsoft stumbled

Google Said To Be Pondering Chrome OS Tablets To Challenge Windows 8.1 Slates

Even with their modest success, the Windows-based tablets sure have got Google thinking. The search engine giant is said to be planning the release of tablets based on its Chrome OS. Yes, I get what you are