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Google Chrome Is Uncatchable On PC

How to catch a web browser. Google Chrome remains one of the most successful applications on the Windows platform, with the latest data showing the…

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Google Quietly Releases An App On The Windows Store

And it’s not what you expect. Google has shied away from the Windows Store ever since the launch of Microsoft’s modern operating platform, and the…

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Users Replacing Edge With Chrome At A Rapid Pace

The browser wars. They’ve been quite one sided for some time now, and things probably won’t change anytime soon, as Edge continued its slow decline…


Barely Anyone Is Using Microsoft Edge

Except the faithful few. Windows 10 put up some really good numbers this past month, but this uptick in usage did not reflect on…

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Google Further Extends Windows XP Support For Chrome

It was around this time last year when Microsoft retired one of its most popular operating systems ever. Windows XP was let go on April…


Internet Explorer Now Has Over Double The Share Of Chrome

The browser wars are well and alive, then! Internet Explorer has shown some strong progress over the past couple of years, even though Microsoft is…

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Microsoft Brings Bing Right Into Google Chrome

If you can’t beat them, join them. And then beat them! Bing has seen a lot of action these past couple of years, with Microsoft…

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Windows 7, Chrome Lead US Charts In StatCounter Data

Market research firm StatCounter has just released its newest data for the month of February 2015, and the numbers offer absolutely nothing in terms of…


Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer In The United States, Adobe Data Shows

While the worldwide battle for browser supremacy still rages on, with either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome coming out on top (depending on where…


Mozilla Will Also Support Firefox On Windows XP After Retirement

It is not often you find more than one Windows XP stories a day, but with the retirement date fast approaching, this is what we…