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Windows 10 Dual Boot On Chromebooks Soon?

Looks like Chromebook users are in for a treat. Buzz among the bees is that Google is working on allowing users to dual boot Windows 10 with Chrome OS on its machines. This report provides mode details

Week In Review (Feb 3 – Feb 7)

This week brought along, undoubtedly, the biggest news of the past couples of years for Microsoft. Potentially even the entire computing technology industry. Redmond has chosen a new leader to pilot the company through increasingly interesting times.

Toshiba Launches Its Chromebook In The US At $280, Bay Trail Models Incoming

Windows, as an operating platform, is facing assaults from multiple fronts. There is the increased interest in mobile devices, which has in turn resulted in rapidly declining sales of PC hardware. And then there is the fact

Chrome OS Doing Considerably Worse Than Windows RT

Analysts, media, even hardware companies have constantly ragged on about the sales performance of Windows RT and devices based on this operating system that launched alongside Windows 8 last year. But cold, hard numbers show that new

Guess What Is Selling Even Worse Than Surface Tablets? Chromebooks!

While analysts left right and center have been ripping into slow sales of Surface tablets, at least the Surface RT version, one thing everyone seems to put aside is Chromebook sales figures. And it’s not like they

Acer Again Bashes Windows 8 While Hyping Up Chromebook

Oh man, Acer and Windows, again. Try what it may the Taiwanese company just can’t seem to get excited by Microsoft’s latest and greatest. They seem to be alright with Chromebook, though. The company’s president, Jim Wong,

Lets take a look at the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

So we’ve had a chance to see what Apple has up it’s sleeve in form of the iCloud and all that. We have a good idea what Microsoft is up to with Windows 8 so lets take