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Windows Gains Ground In Education

The education sector has always been a mainstay for Microsoft, but over the years devices like the iPad and Chromebooks have wrestled away market share from Windows. But luckily, things are now back on track. FutureSource Consulting

Windows Leads The World In Education

Though Chrome OS still tops the list, when it comes to US schools. Both Microsoft and Apple have, traditionally, had a very strong focus on the education market. But their hold has been softened by Google, what

First Windows 10 S PCs Enter The Realm

The education realm, that is. Windows 10 S may be a bit of a curious piece of software, but ultimately, the focus will not be on the operating system itself, but the hardware that it powers. Hardware,

Week In Review (Nov 10 – Nov 14)

Busy few days in the world of Windows. Microsoft released a few things, a couple of them leaked out. Overall a smashing week for the company that saw the release of the third iteration of Windows 10

The World Is Ready For $149 Chromebooks, Is Microsoft?

Google have built their success on either offering amazing stuff away for free, or at low, low price points. Chromebooks seems to be following this pattern, to the tee. Up until now, Chrome OS hardware was available

Schools Are Choosing Chromebooks, Not Windows, Claims Google

Schools, not just in the United States, apparently, are choosing Chromebooks, and not Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 with Bing devices. According to Google, that is. The search engine giant has finally responded to the Chromebook assault by Redmond.

Samsung Gives Up On Windows Laptops In Europe

So much for peace talks! Samsung is ending sales of Windows based laptops in Europe. Chromebooks too, but the remarkable thing here is just how quickly Samsung drops out from markets. Instead of, you know, putting up

Schools Continue To Choose Windows 8 Devices

That is, ahead of Chromebooks, Android and iOS hardware. Windows 8 devices are steadily conquering the education market, and we have some more positive developments on this front. Microsoft recently talked about how the education sector is

Citrix Receiver Makes Windows Apps On Chromebook Possible

There is no shortage of voices that claim Chromebooks are basically useless. For power use, at least. These affordable laptops do not have the necessary array of productivity applications. And that is without getting into the debate

Chromebook Sales Expected To Triple By 2017, Gartner

Now, Bingbooks is a word as unofficial as any, but Microsoft recently outlined a new strategy with plans to take on the raging success that Chromebooks have experienced in the last couple of years. You can read