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Standalone SkyDrive Pro Client Released By Microsoft

Microsoft has recently introduced the SkyDrive Pro client for Windows. This shiny new freeware application allows Office users to easily and effortlessly sync their files. Basically it means that users of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 can now access

Windows 8 Users Locked Out By Twitter

Twitter is at it again. And this time the company has locked out Windows 8 users who were using third-party apps to access the social network. The story goes like this: Tweetro, one of the most popular

Very Interesting – Lets talk about Pokki – bringing web based applications to the desktop

So this is something a little (lot) different. Even though this blog is focused like a laser on Windows 8, I came across a company and a product that you might just want to check out. The

Is A Mac Client Coming For SkyDrive?

In the last couple of years we’ve seen a major push into the clouds when it comes to computing, and even gaming with services like OnLive that stream games directly from the Internet. While a huge revolution

Designing for scale – a multimillion pc thin client market with RemoteFX

Microsoft are talking about the next version of RDP and RemoteFX in Windows. These tools extend the rich experiences for the remote desktop user, be it Terminal Server (RDSH), VDI or MultiPoint Server. Customers will be asking