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Windows 9 Will Likely See Stronger Cloud Integration and ReFS

Alright let’s face it, Windows 9 is still at least a little ways away (depending on if you believe Windows 9 is really Blue or not). At this point, little solid information is heading our way. That

More proof of Windows 8 Cloud Integration

Credit to They recently came up with more proof of Windows 8 and Cloud integration. The image has two options one to link an Online ID for this and other computer and another to open a

Windows 8 Roaming Cloud Profiles

So one of the things that everyone has really been excited about is the potential for Windows 8 to have a Cloud Computing angle. On this blog, I have said several times that you need to be

Things I would like to see in Windows 8 – Part 6 – Cloud Integration

All my email is cloud based. Most of my truly important files are backed up in “the cloud”. It does seem a little dated that when I use the Microsoft Windows operating system, I am still storing