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Clover Trail Tablets and Laptops seem to be in Short Supply So Far

With Windows 8 we see the widest level of architecture support we’ve seen in recent times when it comes to Microsoft products. We have ARM-based…


Rumor: Windows tablets running Clover Trail getting delayed?

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini recently received quite a bit of flack for stating…


ZTE V98 is one impressive looking Windows 8 tablet, sports new Clover Trail Technology

Recently Windows 8 Update reported on the new Clover Trail processor coming out of Intel. The new Atom SoC certainly…


Intel introduce Clover Trail

In response to the substantial threat posed by ARM, Intel are introducing a new chip architecture into the marketplace. The new platform codenamed “Clover Trail” will…


Clover Trail X86 Tablets Arriving In 3rd Quarter 2012?

Ever since Windows 8 was announced to have ARM support, there has been a ton of speculation around what this means for the PC/tablet world. Some…