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CNET review the Microsoft Surface Pro

CNET took a look at the the Microsoft Surface Pro: Here’s some of what they had to say… Maybe you don’t need Windows at all. If your tablet is mostly for video streaming, casual gaming, e-book reading, and other

Microsoft Surface RT Torture Tests: Cold, Heat and Wine

When it comes to build quality, the Microsoft Surface RT is certainly top-notch. It has been ran over, thrown from heights and much more, and yet it still manages to find itself working in all these crazy

Will the Lack of Apps Be the Downfall of the Microsoft Surface?

CNET’s Eric Franklin has done a great review of the Microsoft Surface RT.  He shows the dual nature of the OS, with the tiled-based Start interface and old Windows interface. Franklin repeats the common refrain that the

CNET does "controversial" Steven Sinofsky analysis article

CNET has just done a pretty good piece on Steven Sinofsky that you should all read. It goes through all the standard stuff that we have all heard before. He’s tough, he can be an asshole, he