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How To Find Your Security Identifier (SID) In Windows 10

There may come a time when you need to know the security identifier (SID) for a specific user on your system. Microsoft added this feature in Windows Vista, and it continues to be part of Windows 7,

How To Flush DNS Cache In Windows 10

A DNS cache is a temporary database that Windows maintains in order to maintain a record of all your recent visits and attempts to visits websites, domains, and other Internet locations. This is done to speed up

How To Add Guest Account In Windows 10

Microsoft, for some fine reason, removed the built-in guest account in Windows 10. But it is still possible to add one manually, via a simple workaround that involves the good old Command Prompt. Goes without saying that

How To Open Elevated Command Prompt In Windows 10

An elevated command prompt is what you need to make big changes in your Windows 10 installation. It basically is running the Command Prompt window as an administrator. In other words, with full administrator rights in Windows

How To Find The IP Address Of Your Router In Windows 10

Need to change your router settings? You will need to know the IP address of your router to make any modifications. And if you don’t remember it, Windows can help you find it. This is how you