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My two cents on Mark Benioff’s comment that Windows 8 will be the death of Windows

After reading the article that Onuora wrote about what Marc Benioff from said about Windows 8 I had to put my two cents in. I had to re-write the article because at first I was shocked

Apple’s Tim Cook gives Windows 8 the middle finger

Glad to see that all the success hasn’t gone to Tim Cook’s head. This Tuesday at a conference, Apple’s CEO came out with all guns blazing at took a massive swipe at Windows 8. His words: “[With

Windows 8 Development Blog – Things that make you say hmmm…

Off to bed and I stopped by the Windows 8 development blog to read some of the comments. Yes, that is what I do before I sleep (don’t ask). Anyway, on this page, there are over 100

Intel gets chatty about Windows 8

Intel Senior Vice President of Software and Services Renee James’ seemed to have a lot to say about Windows 8 during Intel’s shareholders meeting this week and a subsequent interview with the Register. Here are some of