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New Microsoft Surface Ad Highlights The Pen And Office

Office, the productivity suite, thank you very much. Microsoft have posted a new Surface ad to the official YouTube channel of the tablet, putting into spotlight two key features of the new slate. This commercial is, obviously,

New Ad Shows Real Madrid Stars Using Windows Phone

No big secret that Microsoft has a close collaboration going with a popular football (soccer) club around. Real Madrid and Redmond have signed a bunch of deals these past couple of years. A new ad that has

Another Microsoft Ad Takes It To Siri, Dot View Case Highlighted

Recall the Dot View case that HTC first bundled with the Android version of HTC One M8, and then brought to the Windows Phone flavor? Well, Microsoft is showcasing this in a new ad. Just like the

Nokia Lumia 735 Ad Promises Perfect Selfies Every Time

It did not take Microsoft long to hop onto the selfie bandwagon. The recently released Nokia Lumia 735 comes with some amazing photography capabilities, as this new ad shows. This commercial is currently airing in Italy —

These Cortana Vs Siri Ads Are Running A Bit Thin Now

Apple is currently under fire on a few fronts including iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, but Microsoft is continuing the assault with new Cortana vs Siri ads. Two new ones, this time. The only problem is

Microsoft Takes Another Jab At Siri In New Cortana Commercial

There are a lot of other areas where Microsoft can talk down the iPhone, but the company is focusing on Siri, as this new Cortana commercial demonstrates. It’s all in good fun when technology companies poke fun

Strange New Lumia Ads Pick On Apple iPhone

Hmmm. Apple continues to talk smack about the Surface Pro 3, while Microsoft continues assault on the iPhone, this time with three strange new Lumia ads apparently destined for television screens. These commercials are meant to promote

Microsoft Rolls Out Hilarious Cortana Vs Siri Commercial

Being the underdog has its advantages. Microsoft have released a pretty neat Cortana vs Siri commercial that takes a jab at Apple, by comparing the iPhone with the HTC One M8 for Windows. Dubbed “Mirror, Mirror”, this

New Surface Pro 3 Ads Place It Against The MacBook Air

Mac vs. PC, round 2? From launch day, Panos Panay, the Surface boss at Microsoft has been hyping up the new Surface Pro 3 as a potential replacement for traditional laptops. Fast forward from May 20 to

New Nokia Lumia 930 Ad Showcases Its Capabilities

Things have been moving fast on the Windows Phone front, with Windows Phone 8.1 rolling out globally, and Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 already announced. Or Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, if you will. Perfect time for Microsoft