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Microsoft Compares Windows XP With Windows 8.1 In New Chart

Microsoft is playing the final innings for Windows XP. While most companies usually support their software for around five years, Redmond has gone plus five, and then some. Windows XP has been in the spotlight for 12

Microsoft Puts Up A Comparison Chart For Various Editions Of Windows 8.1

The board is set, the pieces are moving. Redmond is now very close to unleashing Windows 8.1, with a mere month remaining between now and the official launch date of October 18. And the company is trying

Lumia 920/Windows Phone 8: Unfair Android Comparison?

OK, this is not too good for the Redmond team.  A brand new ad for the just released Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8 has a guy – “Ben” – with the Lumia, going up against

Microsoft Surface vs. iPad 4: The Battle of Margins

Today, I plan to compare the features of Microsoft’s Surface RT and the iPad 4, which it targets. However, another question on my mind is: how much profit are Microsoft and Apple making on these tablets, respectively?

Comparing the Asus Vivo TAB RT to the Microsoft Surface RT

When it comes to Windows RT tablets, Surface is pretty much getting most of the consumer attention right now. This is with good reason when you stop and look at the attractive design and reasonably decent price

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore Demos Windows Phone 8

Joe Belfiore, Corporate VP of Windows Phone, describes the features of Windows Phone 8 and compares it with Android and iOS in this presentation. He contrasts the “static” orientation of Android and iOS user interfaces based on apps

I’m excited about Windows Phone 8 but…

Can someone tell me exactly why the “premier” Windows phone 8 devices being announced are rectangular blocks with minimal curvature? The only exception I’ve seen so far are the Samsung ATIV phones. I mean they’re all going

A Look At Just Some Differences Between Windows 8 Release Preview And Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Release Preview is finally here, and so far it seems about the same as what we saw at the Consumer Preview stage. Is that a good or bad thing? That really will depend on what

How Does Ubuntu 11.10 Stack Up Compared To Modern OSes Like Mac And Windows 8?

When it comes to some of the more negative backlash regarding Windows 8 Consumer Preview, I’ve heard on more than one occasion  such claims as, “If they don’t fix X, I’m switching to Mac or Linux”. Today

Windows 8 Video – Comparison Desktop vs Tablet

Yet another verge video. This time they compare both usage points of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Touch vs a Keyboard.