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Adobe Creative Cloud Drops Windows 7 Support

One of the most popular software developers around has confirmed that it is dropping Windows 7 support for its Adobe Creative Cloud line of design applications. In fact, the suite of apps will actually drop support for

Is This Why Microsoft Delayed Tabs In Windows 10?

Microsoft shared some distressing news lately, when it announced that it was delaying the tabs feature in Windows 10. Sets, as the company calls it, were one of the more anticipated of additions. And as we learned

Windows 10 S Support Enabled For The Surface Pro 4

So, this is what those updates were about. Why didn’t you say so, Microsoft? The updates that the company released for the Surface 4 Pro earlier this week are here to enable Windows 10 S support. These

China Believes Microsoft Hid Windows, Office Compatibility Issues

The crisis in China has taken another turn! Microsoft is currently being investigated by government officials in the country for antitrust, and we have some fresh information on this. The technology titan is now being accused of

Mac Pro 2013 Boot Camp Drops Support For Windows 7

Apple is known to do some strange stuff, and here is another one. In a bewildering move, the company has dropped support for Windows 7, the world’s most popular operating system in Boot Camp. Meaning the latest

Microsoft Confirms IE8 Compatibility Mode For Internet Explorer 11 In Update 1

Windows 8.1 Update 1 is shaping up to be the release that rounds up the edges of Microsoft’s newest operating platform in pretty much all areas, from desktop to enterprise usage. While the list of changes for

After Doomsday? Microsoft Details Windows XP Usage Post Retirement

Fans of science fiction may be aware of After Doomsday, a novel written by famed writer Poul Anderson. Published in 1962, it explores the events after the destruction of Earth. Windows XP users do not have such

New Research Reveals That 94% Of Organizations Are Still Running Windows XP

The soon-to-be-retired Windows XP may technically be the second most popular operating system in the world, but a sweeping look at the business side of things may paint a different pictures. An overwhelming majority of enterprises, institutes,

IObit Unleashes Uninstaller 3 With Full Windows 8.1 Support

Another notably popular freeware application gets complete Windows 8.1 support. IObit has just updated its robust uninstaller program, and the new version plays nicely with Microsoft’s latest operating system. IObit Uninstaller 3 is now actually available for

Lync Server 2013 Is Now Supported On Windows Server 2012 R2

Boy, Microsoft sure can be awfully low key sometimes! The software titan has recently indicated, almost in passing, that Lync Server 2013 is now supported on the newly released Windows Server 2012 R2. It can be enabled