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Samsung Believes Nokia Takeover Violated Deal With Microsoft

Samsung has been acting up recently, with the refusal from the South Korean technology giant to pay royalties to Microsoft. And some new information has floated up on this situation. While some earlier reports hinted that the

Microsoft Loves Linux, Says Satya Nadella

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is an interesting character. All his public appearances are remarkably well conducted, almost all of them. And noteworthy comments are pretty much a given from him. Unlike his predecessor, Steve Ballmer, for

Win $500 – tell us what your vision for Windows 9 is

Here’s a chance to win $500 – tell us what your vision for Windows 9 is. So we are now fully focused on Windows 9 thanks to WZOR and Thurrott. Over the next few months, we will

Google Responds To Microsoft’s New Scroogled Clothing Line

Go back and take a look at the history of computing and you will find that it is filled with rivalries, large and small, in pretty much all domains, hardware, software and the web. Banter you will

Microsoft Hints At Making Skype Group Calling Completely Free

It is remarkable to imagine the wonders of strong and sustained competition. Nowhere else is this more evident than in computing, where scopes and scenarios, quite literally, change by the week. Skype may be the absolute powerhouse

Tim Cook Believes Microsoft Is Copying Apple’s Strategy

Microsoft’s new plan of turning itself into a devices and services firm is something that regularly makes headlines. Now Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has something to say on the matter. In a detailed interview with Bloomberg, Cook

Microsoft Rips Into Google For Blocking Its YouTube App

As long as there are no consumer causalities, a bit of a skirmish between technology titans is good entertainment. Microsoft and Google, however, are on the path of a full blown war, it seems. Google, as we

Tough Price Competition In 7-Inch Tablet Market Could Damage Profits

There is a war coming. A wide array of tablet sporting 7 or 8 inch displays is set to crowd the market in the summer, coming from a multitude of hardware vendors, and covering all three platforms.

Friday Giveaway – 5 licenses of Handy Backup Home Standard

So the makers of Handy Backup software have reached out to our readers to offer us some reasons to check out their software. So what is Handy Backup? From the vendor: Handy Backup™ Home Standard is a software

Buy a Surface Pro and get entered to win a Dell 27 inch monitor and a Plugable docking station

Microsoft are finally releasing their new Tablet/NoteBook – the Microsoft Surface Pro and it looks like it’s going to be a winner. This beautiful device comes with either 64GB or 128GB and has some amazing specs. 1920×1080