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Is ASUS Precog The Future Of Windows?

Microsoft is believed to be working on a new foldable device that uses two or three different displays, but so are others. ASUS Precog is a sign that companies are moving ahead fast with this concept. We

Microsoft Promises New HTC Smartphones At Computex 2014

Computex 2014 is in full swing right now, with new hardware being announced left, right and center. Microsoft’s primary bet at the event seems to be the showcase of the Windows Phone platform. And although there has

Intel Shows Off Fanless Broadwell Tablet, Promises 130 New Models

Boy, Intel was really not joking when they announced the goal of seeing 40 million tablets hit the store shelves, powered by several of its processors. And the way things are going, it could be a reality.

Tami Reller: Windows 8.1 Is Designed According To User Recommendations

A lot has transpired from the first day rumors came out claiming Windows Blue to be in development. Microsoft came out and confirmed that it was working on an upgrade, screenshots surfaced, builds leaked. And now we

Microsoft Ignores Computex 2013, Plans To Focus On BUILD

Computex is one of the largest computer and technology fairs in world, held annually in Taipei, Taiwan since 1981. This year’s expo is set for June 4 and June 8, 2013. Everyone that is anyone in the

Western Digital Gearing Up To Demo 5mm 500GB Hard Disk In A Media Tablet

Media tablets use NAND Flash memory chips as storage almost exclusively, owing to their thin form factor and the fact that they are often jostled around by users. In fact, most premium models use custom designed embedded