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Windows 10 Redstone 4 To Come With Swift Pair

Swift Pair, another new feature in Windows 10 Redstone 4, has been detailed. The next major upgrade to the operating system that is expected to be finalized in March. And although we’ve heard about this before, we

Intel Gears Up To Bring 5G To Windows PCs

5G. What was but a dream a few years back is about to become a reality! The new buzzword for faster Internet connection speeds will no longer be a buzzword very soon. That’s because Intel is working

Microsoft Shows Off Windows 10 Near Share Feature

A clone of Apple AirDrop works just as it is supposed to. Windows 10 is getting a Near Share feature, which will make it possible to easily share content between compatible devices in a matter of seconds.

Windows 10 Bluetooth Quick Pairing Feature Incoming

No more pushing and holding device buttons while watching blinking LED lights? Sign me up, Scotty! There are reports that Microsoft is testing a Bluetooth quick pairing feature for Windows 10. As reported, this new options is

How To Project To Your PC In Windows 10

The Projecting to this PC feature is a fairly recent addition to the Windows platform, and Microsoft has even set up a separate settings screen for this new feature if you have WiFi. Which basically uses the

How To Reset Network Data Usage In Windows 10

Windows 10 includes a feature that lets you view network data usage, itemized as type of network, and even by the amount of data each app or service uses across the operating system. This information is tallied

How To Check Your Data Usage In Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a useful little feature that provides you with an overview of the data usage for the last month. This is particularly useful for those with limited data allowances. In previous versions of the

How To Turn Bluetooth On Or Off In Windows 10

Bluetooth, the short range wireless technology, is one of the most popular ways to connect between two devices these days. And Windows 10 comes with some very solid support for Bluetooth. Both the standard, and the devices.

How To Flush DNS Cache In Windows 10

A DNS cache is a temporary database that Windows maintains in order to maintain a record of all your recent visits and attempts to visits websites, domains, and other Internet locations. This is done to speed up

Windows 8.1 Preview Mistakenly Detects Wired Connections As Metered

Windows 8.1 Preview comes with a lot of new options, and like most things in life, new things do have a tendency to go wrong. Take this new connectivity feature that is part of the upcoming operating