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How many licenses sold would make Windows 8 a success?


Will The Sheer Amount Of Windows 8 Tablet Options Confuse Consumers?

According to recent news, it seems that the floodgates will not only open for tablets at the end of this year, but they will likely…


Are The Features In Windows 8 Enough To Make An Upgrade Purchase Worth It?

There has been a fair amount of negative sentiment from many sources when it comes to Windows 8 Consumer Preview recently. While some users out…


9 reasons why Microsoft should keep the Metro UI separate from the traditional Windows 8 desktop interface

So I have this annoying habit of saying what I really, really feel and this post is no exception. Some of the readers have accused me…


IDC expect the transition to Windows 8 to be bumpy

IDC, the market research firm, says that the transition to Windows 8 will probably not all be smooth sailing. At least not initially. They acknowledge the…


Windows 8 From The Eyes Of A Casual User

In order to best figure out how Windows 8 appeals to different users, I’ve started conducting several different experiments to see how well Windows 8…


The bottom line with Windows 8 from a consumer’s perspective

I’m at the MVP nation Windows 8 conference on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond and we’re having quite a grand old time (more about that later)….


Is Metro in Windows 8 Exciting Enough To Make You Want To Use It?

Back before the new Consumer Preview of Windows 8, I made it clear that I really was on the fence about Metro and likely would…