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The Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview is available for download

Microsoft have released the first public preview of the next version of Office. It’s called Office 2013 and it has a ton of new features and Windows 8 compaitibility/hooks. Office 2013 can be downloaded now here! It

Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview – Keynote Video

Here’s the keynote video for the Microsoft Office 2013. It’s Steve Ballmer and Co..

Microsoft issues critical patch for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Microsoft has delivered several security updates to patch 11 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer (IE), Office and several other products, including one bug that attackers are already exploiting. The company also issued the first patch for Windows

SoldierKnowsBest does a review of Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I came across this video on YouTube today that you should check out. It’s a detailed review of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview by the Video Blogger called SoldierKnowsBest. A YouTube celebrity with over 40 million views

Two Bugs That Exist In Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I have constantly talked about how Windows Beta products tend to be of the highest quality and often represent a very close image of what the finished product will look like. When it came to Windows 7

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Your Mac

Parallels Desktop 7 is a popular Mac virtualization tool made by Parallels that can run operating system in a virtual environment much like VMWare Fusion (which announced support for Windows 8 Consumer  VMWare Player/Workstation for Windows. Today they

Is The Addition Of Metro Really That Bad Of A Change For Power Users?

When it comes to Windows 8 there has certainly been a fair share of mixed emotions. Some seem to love it and find the changes, namely Metro, refreshing and innovative. On the other side of the fence

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Includes Integration Of Zune Video/Music Services

For those that have ever read any of my posts here at Windows 8, you’ve probably heard me say more than once how I feel that Zune’s services should be re-tooled into a Windows Metro app. While

New Windows 8 Consumer Preview Hands on from Tom Warren

Great hands on review from Tom Warren at the Verge. I’ll have a more detailed review coming soon. Check it out here. Videos from the verge below…

IMPORTANT – If you are installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

As soon as you install Windows 8 Consumer Preview – DOWNLOAD WINDOWS UPDATES This is important. I was almost driven mad when I installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my Exopc Tablet today. I am writing