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Tablet Study Sees Rapid Adoption at the Expense of other Platforms

Tablets are encroaching on all other computing devices Tech solution provider, Skava has a new study on tablet computers, and there are a few…


HP Says No Way Back to Windows 7 from Windows 8 in New PCs

Today comes a report from CIO magazine that HP is advising its customers that purchasers of new PCs will not be able to…


Does Windows 8 Fit In The Tablet Market? Yes, It Certainly Does.

I’ve been told by several users that I might be a little harsh in how…


Do Consumers Really Care About Tablet Operating Systems?

So far, this week has been a tough one for Microsoft’s Windows 8 team. Forrester released their report that fewer consumers want a Windows 8…


Top 6 features that Windows 8 needs to offer consumers

In my previous article for the International Business Times, I wrote about the top 6 features that Windows 8 needed to offer businesses. In…