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Win A Free Surface Pro 3 In This New Skype Contest

The Surface Pro 3 is an amazing tablet. By some accounts, the best available. And unless something drastically revolutionary happens, it will probably remain the best solution for this year. Sure there are less expensive computers available,

Microsoft Kicks Off Brand New Surface Pro Contest

Not many would have imagined that the original Surface Pro would be coming back into the spotlight after the release of the second generation slates, but here we are. Redmond has just launched a new contest for

Microsoft Officially Launches Gift Cards, New Windows 8.1 Contest

What is a launch without an accompanying contest for fans and users? Windows 8.1 brings the whole enchilada, and it includes a brand new contest with some nifty prizes. Before we get to the contest bit, it

New Bing Contest Will Showcase User Photos On The Home Page

One contest a day is usually enough for fulfillment, but Microsoft has also kicked off a brand new contest for its search engine users. And it goes without saying that Redmond loves its Bing users something special.

New Skype For Contest Launched By Microsoft

Another fine new day, and another fine new Microsoft contest! This time, the recently expanded Skype for gets a look (pun fully intended, with apologies). As we reported earlier today, Redmond launched the Skype for

Microsoft Launches New Contest To Entice Windows XP Users To Upgrade

Most of you may have already heard by now that Windows XP will no longer receive update and security patches come April 8, 2014, as this is the date Microsoft has decided it will end supporting the

Microsoft Debuts New PhoneGap Windows Phone 8 App Contest

Oh boy, contests, contests. Microsoft has been in a bit of a giving mood lately after announcing several promotions, gifts and giveaways for its products and services. Add another one to the list, this time for the