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How To Turn System Protection On Or Off In Windows 10

One of the more useful features built into Windows 10 is System Protection, which regularly creates and saves the settings and critical system files in the operating system as restore points. This helps you restore your computer

How To Open Administrative Tools In Windows 10

Administrative Tools is a handy folder that Microsoft has included in the Control Panel. It contains a range of different tools for system administrators and advanced users. These tools vary depending on the version of Windows 10

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Comes With A Link To Control Panel In PC Settings

The tried and tested Control Panel and the modern new PC Settings may have been woven from the same cloth, but they provide a different set of options, making both a necessity for desktop users. The former

Windows 8.1 Preview Mistakenly Detects Wired Connections As Metered

Windows 8.1 Preview comes with a lot of new options, and like most things in life, new things do have a tendency to go wrong. Take this new connectivity feature that is part of the upcoming operating

Windows Blue Metro Control Panel Gets An Appealing Redesign

With the oodles and oodles of improvements Microsoft seems to be preparing for Windows Blue, it appears that the software titan is also giving the Metro Control Panel a new coat of paint. The idea is to

Screenshot Reveals New Feature In Windows 8.1 Control Panel

Finally, some expressive new action on the Windows 8.1 front! This time it comes in the form of new screenshots that showcase some new enhancements that are packed in the upcoming OS. And Microsoft does indeed aims

Inside Windows 8: Control Panel-System and Security-Action Center

OK, let’s start talking about the control panel in Windows 8. The Control Panel as usual is a hub for a TON of Windows 8 system functionality controls. So we’ll start from the beginning. Lets take a

New Windows 8 Video: Beautiful Control Panel Settings

A new leak and a new video. We are starting to see some shadows of the Metro-esque flourishes that may characterize the next version of Windows (Windows 8 ) and… We like! Looks really beautiful with smooth