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Man Sues Microsoft For $600 Million For Windows 10 Upgrade

Half a billion in damages for a botched Windows 10 upgrade? I’ve heard worse! It looks like forced upgrades to the latest version of its operating system are still causing problems for Microsoft. The company has been

Salesforce CEO Rants Against Microsoft

Larry Ellison in the making? It looks like someone spiked the coffee that Marc Benioff drank with salt, as the Salesforce CEO went off tangent against Microsoft, directly targeting the Surface line. Some perspective, before we get

More Surface Pro 4 Updates Arrive Without Release Notes

Releases notes, that is to say. The software titan continues with its policy of releasing updates for its products, like the Surface Pro 4 in this case, without any accompanying documentation. To the frustration of many. As

The Intel Being At Fault For Surface Story Was Fabricated

It sure looks like that. Someone somewhere may have fabricated the Intel being at fault for the Surface issues story, juicy new detail of which have just been revealed. The Surface line is the center of attention

Sinofsky Explains His Switch To Apple Devices

There were times when an event like this would have made headlines. In some ways it did, but most of the uproar occurred on Twitter (where else). The cause? Steven Sinofsky, the former Windows boss, recently posted

Sinofsky Explains Why He Made The Switch To Apple Devices

Steven Sinofsky recently posted a tweet using a — wait for it — iPhone. While he is free to do so from any device, even moon rock, if he can, but some circles in the technology industry

Intel Exec was wrong says Microsoft

Man that was quick! A few hours ago I posted that an Intel Exec was uncharacteristically forthcoming about Microsoft and Windows 8 and before you can blink, Microsoft have responded. Intel’s statements during yesterday’s Intel Investor Meeting