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Dell XPS 13 Gets A Serious Power Boost, Inspiron Also Refreshed

It was time. Dell has provided two of its most popular laptops a refresh, announcing a new model of the XPS 13 notebook, as well…

Leak HP Spectre 13 x360

Leak Shows HP Is Readying The Premium Spectre 13 x360

HP has made some big strides these past few months launching several budget devices, but the high-end Spectre 13 x360 seems like a good choice…


Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Almost Here, Powered By Broadwell

You’d have to think really hard to name some standout Windows based products this side of the Surface lineup. The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro certainly…


LG Introduces Windows 8 Slider Tablet Series

While Windows 8 might be off to a somewhat slow start, those who have embraced the new OS understand that with it will come many…


Touch is Critical to Using Windows 8, Just Not on the Desktop

Among the people I know who have installed Windows 8 on their desktops, 100% of them use their mouse as their major navigation method. This,…


AdDuplex Report: Surface RT Leads Emergent Windows 8 Devices Market

A new report from AdDuplex (via Supersite for Windows) shows that of all Windows 8 devices out there, Windows Surface RT has the largest share…


A Brief Guide to Windows 8 Devices that Merge Tablet and Laptop Functionality

Windows 8 doesn’t represent just a UI change, it represents tons of new options in the world of tablets. If you are looking to bridge…