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Satya Nadella Keynote Opens Microsoft Convergence Conference

The software titan is holding a business focused event on March 16, and CEO Satya Nadella is confirmed to be attending the Microsoft Convergence conference. He will kick off the gathering with a keynote, and the event

Microsoft Reveals Company Structure, Enterprises Make Up 55% Of Business

Do you remember when was the last time Microsoft provided such deep details of its company structure? Wait don’t answer that, because the company recently talked about this in depth at its financial analyst meet. As part

Microsoft’s Financial Analyst Meeting Interrupted By Power Failure

Microsoft held its financial analyst meeting yesterday with the aim of providing more details about its brand new vision and redefined strategy. The event, however, was interrupted by issues. Technical issues, obviously — a blown fuse cut

Microsoft Started Planning Ballmer’s Departure Three, Four Years Ago

The news that Microsoft CEO will be retiring within the next 12 months caught pretty much everyone with surprise, but it appears that some people inside the company were already in on the plans. If anything, Redmond

Redmond Launches A New Stats Website, Microsoft By The Numbers

Microsoft is currently going through a particularly interesting transformation, and perhaps the most notable of changes is its enhanced focus on directly connecting with end users and consumers. The Redmond based technology titan loves to talk numbers

Microsoft Details The Many Security Improvements In Windows 8.1

Redmond recently unleashed the preview version of Windows 8.1 Enterprise, and its focus these past few weeks has firmly and squarely been on businesses and organizations. The software titan has once again detailed the many security improvements

The ‘Be What’s Next’ Slogan Quietly Abandoned By Microsoft

Microsoft executives, including CEO Steve Ballmer have been quick to hype up the new direction for Redmond as a devices and services company, and in fact, have matched it with several new hardware devices that have made

Microsoft Tops The List Of Best Companies To Work For In Sweden

Microsoft has, traditionally, always been considered one of the best employers in the world ever since it’s early days when the company employee headcount was in the low hundreds. But the already impressive global standing of the

Joachim Kempin Unveils His Big Plan To Save Microsoft

Most of you are already well acquainted with Joachim Kempin by now, the former Microsoftie who left the company back in 2002. The man has been all over the news these past few weeks promoting his new

Microsoft Tops The Best Company To Work For List In The UAE

The Redmond technology titan commands an impressive global presence. Not just commanding it seems, but highly esteemed as well, as a local study places Microsoft as the best company to work for in the United Arab Emirates.