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Why On Earth Is Microsoft Creating An iPad Touch Cover?

Well, being over suspicious is better than nothing, I always say! A suspicious looking official document has surface, hinting that Microsoft is testing an iPad…


Windows 8.1 App Watch: Cover

The biggest benefit when you jump early into app development on a new platform is the ease at which you can secure the best names….


More Windows 8 Cover artwork – Windows 8 Pro boxes

The Windows 8 Pro box covers. These look interesting as well. Click to expand…


More Windows 8 Cover artwork – Windows 8 core boxes

More Windows 8 artwork from Centrum. There show the box artwork from the Windows 8 base edition. Click to expand…


Windows 8 packaging has been revealed!

Exclusive from theVerge. Microsoft have revealed the new box packaging for Windows 8. Even a hard core cynic like me has to say that I like! Very…