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Intel Core M Broadwell CPUs For Tablets Get Detailed

Intel is rightfully called the leading maker of computer chips. The company is far ahead of the competition in technology, and is gearing up to unleash processors based on 14nm manufacturing node. Other companies are still a

Microsoft Is Still Shipping Surface Pro 2 Tablets With Slower Processor

Hardware is tough, tough business, and Microsoft is finding this fact out with each passing month. Making wholesales changes in software is not always the easiest of things, but hardware is a totally different ball game. Take

Intel Rumored To Retire The Atom Brand Name Soon

There were rumors on this before, but now it appears increasingly likely that Intel will drop the Atom brand name in the very near future. Not the architecture, mind you, just the brand name. The chip giant

Intel Reports $2 Billion Profit In Second Quarter Of 2013

Chip giant Intel just released its financial for the second quarter of the year, and though they do not show any momentous records, the company did still make a fair few dimes in this period. Intel’s’ revenue

Upcoming 20nm Mobile Processors Said To Clock Over 3GHz

Microsoft, Windows RT, Mobile, Processors, ARM, 3GHz, CPU, Rumors When it comes to the technology world in general, the need for speed is always on. On the mobile front, however, the heat for performance supremacy is taking

Intel Haswell To Only Make Up Less Than 20% Of Desktop Market This Year

It will not be unreasonable to suggest that the technology industry is waiting with abated breath for Intel’s Haswell platform that is set to make their debut this summer. The chipmaker itself has hyped up the CPUs

Intel Slashes Atom CPU Prices Once Again

The chip giant is getting more and more serious on the tablet front. After being swept aside by the ARM architecture on both smartphones and tablets, Intel is responding with some impressive discounts to cover some lost

Right on cue, the Windows 8 OEM and CPU storm clouds gather

Here we go. This issue is like a 1000 pound gorilla in the corner that was always waiting for resolution. Digitimes is reporting that Notebook vendors are having some trouble meeting Windows 8 hardware requirements in a

Intel release details about new Windows 8 tablet specs

Chip maker Intel revealed some specific hardware details about tablets running on Windows 8. Here are some of the salient points. Windows 8 tablets will be available in 10- and 11-inch designs. These tablets will have an

Do Qualcomm Laptops Stand A Chance?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but when it comes to ARM laptops, I just can’t see what possible advantage they might have. Sure, Qualcomm tells you they have some major key points that set