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Windows 10 Creators Update Market Share Crosses 72%

Advertising firm AdDuplex is here with their monthly round of statistics across the Windows 10 ecosystem. Creators Update, once again, is the major talking point this time around. According to the company, the latest version of the

Microsoft Hails Creators Update As The Best Version Of Windows 10

Ever. The timing of a post like this is interesting, what with the Fall Creators Update on the horizon, but Microsoft took time out to praise the current version of the operating system. The Windows 10 Creators

Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Creators Update Stuttering Issues

Took them a while, but Microsoft has official confirmed that the Windows 10 Creators Update introduced stuttering issues when playing video games. The company is now working on a fix, which is actually available in the latest

A Third Of Windows 10 Users Still Don’t Have The Creators Update

Say, what’s up with this very slow rollout? It has been months since the Creators Update rollout began, but a large portion of Windows 10 users are still waiting to be offered the update. From April till

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update To Improve Game Mode

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is filled with new features left and right, and although Microsoft’s focus with this refresh is more on connectivity than creativity, the company is also adding in improvements. One such area that

Windows 10 Creators Update Market Share Almost At 66%

Speaking of the word, the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 is almost upon us next month, and no better time to take a look at what kind of an impact the Creators Update has had on

Everyone Just Wants To Share Their Data With Microsoft

Microsoft sure loves to collect data from Windows 10 users. Diagnostic data, that is. And it seems that these users are more than happy to let the company in on this telemetry. The software titan discussed the

Microsoft Loves That You Love Windows 10 Privacy Improvements

For one reason or another, the Windows 10 privacy issues took the spotlight straight after the launch of Microsoft’s new operating system. This, despite assurances from the company. Assurances that it was only gathering telemetry data from

New Update Makes Remix 3D Better Than Ever

Microsoft finally got around to adding a couple of much needed features to its Remix 3D website, a place where the company allows creators to share their 3D creation. Part of the company’s noble goal it outlined

An Outdated Windows Phone Website Sure Can Make One Dream

The stuff that dreams are made of! Apparently, outdated websites count too, as a Windows Phone admirer found out about an archaic page that hinted at support for more phones. As in, more smartphones to be supported