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Tough Rap for Windows 8 – Brian Boyko’s ‘Windows 8 Animated Evaluation’

I heard today about a video with a detailed critique of Windows 8 by Brian Boyko.  Now I know there are perhaps too many giving Microsoft a hard time – some of it for legitimate reasons, but

Devastating dissection of Nokia’s problems on CNET UK

CNET UK have an amazing story about Nokia and the problems they are having. It’s a really well done piece of journalism and some of the quotes are really hard-hitting. A few samples: Williams says Nokia’s CEO

Steve Ballmer has another fan…

I came across a very interesting article that endorses Steve Ballmer’s leadership. It’s from and it’s written by joe Wilcox. Some quotes: As a long-time supporter of Microsoft’s CEO, my June 2010 commentary “I have lost

Why the Windows Operating System is no longer king

Like most of you, I have been using the Windows operating system every day for as long as I can remember. I remember my first reaction to seeing the user interface of Windows 2000 and marveling at