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Meet GPD WIN 2, A Windows 10 Gaming Handheld

Xboy? There’s been no shortage of Xbox fans asking for a portable gaming handled from Microsoft. And it looks like the GPD WIN 2 is the answer to those prayers. Coming this January, this is designed as

Trekstor Windows Phone Fails Miserably

The crowdfunding campaign, that is to say. Trekstor has once again proven that crowdfunding is not the way to go when it comes to launching a Windows Phone. The Germany company has admitted that the device isn’t

Trekstor Needs Your Help To Launch A New Windows Phone

New Windows phone announcements are so far and few between these days that they are a breath of fresh air when they come. Trekstor is here with the latest. The German company wants to launch a Windows

Chuwi CoreBook 2-in-1 Is A Reality For $499

Chuwi is back. Back with another crowdfunding effort, after its last one for the SurBook raised $1 million. This time, the CoreBook 2-in-1 is in the picture, another Surface clone. That we recently talked about. The device

Chuwi Announces New Microsoft Surface Clone

Another week, another new Microsoft Surface clone! This time Chinese PC maker Chuwi is the one doing the heavy lifting, with Chuwi CoreBook set to go live on crowdfunding website Indiegogo. The company is known for offering

VLC for Windows 8 RT Fully Funded on Kickstarter With Five days To Go

Now that VLC has achieved full funding of their $65,000 project on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, VLC for Windows 8 RT is now officially in the works as a Windows 8 app. VLC is a free and

VLC Video Player Developer Raises Windows 8 App Funds through KickStarter

The France-based VideoLAN, creators of the popular video player VLC, has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise money to build a native app for Windows 8 and Windows RT. This is a rather unique approach for a well-known software