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How To Do Color Management In Windows 10

Color management is the controlled conversion of the color representation of different devices. In other words, how hardware like monitors, TVs, scanners, digital cameras, printers display colors. Windows 10, just like previous versions of the operating system,

How To Open File Explorer Options From Control Panel In Windows 10

It’s not every day that the good old Control Panel gets new features in Windows, what with the focus now having shifted to the modern Settings app in Windows 10. In fact, Microsoft is actually moving features

How To Change The Touchpad Sensitivity In Windows 10

Touchpads are sensitive things to start with. But Windows 10 allows you to modify their responsiveness by changing their sensitivity setting according to your preference. Not all laptops have this option, but more modern ones do, depending

How To Switch The Primary Mouse Button In Windows 10

Left or right, that be the question! In Windows, you can easily select the primary mouse button of your mouse to be either left or right. The primary button is used for functions like selecting and dragging.

How To Turn Off Location Service In Windows 10

Location service is one of the best features in Windows 10, at least for those who spend their life on the move. But it’s not for everyone, particularly those that are conscious of their privacy. If you’re

How To Change The Screen Resolution Of Your Display In Windows 10

The screen resolution of your display determines the amount of information that it displayed on the screen at any given time. It is measured in horizontally and vertically in pixels. Lowers screen resolutions like 640 x 480

How To Change Date And Time Formats In Windows 10

One of the first things people customize after installing Windows 10 are the date and time formats. In other words, specifically, how date and time is displayed throughout the operating system. This may also be necessary if

How To Add Or Remove Quick Actions In Action Center In Windows 10

Want to change the quick actions that show up in the Action Center in Windows 10? You can easily personalize the available ones from a dedication section in the Settings app. The actions you have depend on

How To Turn Off File Explorer Quick Access View In Windows 10

When you open File Explorer in Windows 10, it shows the new Quick Access view by default, which lists your most frequently accessed folders and most recently accessed files. Windows 8 offered the This PC view. And

How To Turn Game Mode On In Windows 10

Microsoft introduced a new feature in Windows 10 with the Creators Update, called the Game Mode, that optimizes how the operating system handles game performance. Turning on the Game Mode will allow you to activate it from