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Keynote Speech from Day 2 of the BUILD conference

So from day 2, here is the keynote speech from the Microsoft BUILD conference. The speakers are Scott Guthrie , Jeff Sandquist , John Shewchuk , Steve Ballmer , Jason Zander , Bryon Surace , Satya Nadella

Microsoft BUILD conference Day 2 Misc. Photos

My approach to this conference has been to bring the experience of being here to you guys. There is a TON of information that has been thrown out at us. I’ll get to that over the next

BUILD day 2 – Inside the Press Room

So for all of you who are curious, bloggers are press have a secret location where we are holed up in and writing some of our articles. I’ve had a chance to meet a bunch of cool

Windows 8 BUILD keynote speech – Live Blog

I’ll add photos later… Sinofsky is on stage. He is talking about Windows 7 – 450 million licenses More consumers now use Windows 7 than Windows XP. He is saying Touch is addictive, once you use the