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Kind of like a big deal – Lenovo is on board with Pokki

Lenovo has officially become the second major PC OEM (after Acer) to join forces with Sweetlabs and their Pokki Suite. SweetLabs announced the deal today and indicated that Lenovo will be preloading a Start Button/Start Menu from SweetLabs

Dell Might Renegotiate Its Windows Licensing Deal After Going Private

Microsoft is ready to spend $2 billion to support the Dell buyout and help the PC manufacturer go private, but it appears that the hardware maker may benefit even more from Redmond’s involvement. As ArsTechnica notes, the

ZTE Is The Latest To License Microsoft’s Android Patents

Patents are power! Microsoft owns a number of important Android and Chrome OS licenses, and the software titan has been busy making patent deals with many hardware companies over the years. Specifically, hardware vendors that sell devices

Foxconn Is Now Microsoft’s Largest Android And Chrome OS Licensee

Foxconn, the world’s largest technology manufacturer has now officially become Microsoft’s number one Android and Chrome OS patent license, after penning a new deal with Redmond. Microsoft owns a large number of crucial patents used in both

Microsoft Loans $2 Billion To Help Dell Go Private

The Dell privatization saga makes a very significant turn as the company has announced a deal to go private. And as speculated, Microsoft could soon come on board as a noteworthy stakeholder in the new private company.

Microsoft Wants More Say Over Privatized Dell

The last week or so has been filled with rumors about the upcoming Microsoft Dell deal, with the hardware vendor reportedly planning to go private again, and Redmond showing interest in putting some money in the effort.

Microsoft Scores Huge Contract With US Department of Defense

Well, it seems Microsoft is getting off to a great year with news of a massive contract awarded to it by the U.S Department of Defense.  The 3-year deal will be worth $617 million and involve the

Microsoft and Nokia seal the Windows Phone deal

Nokia and Microsoft announced on Thursday the signing of the definitive agreement that defines their strategic partnership. The partnership, will see Nokia manufacturing smartphones based on Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. ”Hundreds of our team members are already