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Microsoft Shows Off Facebook In Its Windows Phone Simulation

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 platform has been around for just a few months, yet in the span of less than half a year it has managed to impress both users and critics alike. Most people that have

BUILD 2012 – Havok Demo

At Microsoft BUILD 2012 I ran into a rep from Havok and he demoed their rendering technology for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It’s pretty cool stuff. Check out the video.

BUILD 2012 Video – BIG HANDS – I look at the Nokia Lumia 920

I have big hands. I’m a big guy. It’s true. At BUILD 2012, I take a brief look at the Nokia Lumia 920 and you can see it’s a pretty big phone.

BUILD 2012 Video – Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone 8 demo

BUILD conference 2012. I got an opportunity to check out the new Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone. It’s nice but the back of that phone just doesn’t work for me…

New video – Windows Phone 8 SDK demo

The folks at Windows Phone Central got their hands on a copy of the Windows Phone 8 SDK. The video is a pretty detailed walk through of what we can expect from Windows Phone 8 and is pretty well

New Windows 8 Video – Intel demo Hybrid Tablet Ultrabook at Intel Developer Forum

Intel has posted a video showing highlights from the Intel Developer Forum 2012 held in Beijing, China last week. In that video, they show a demo of a device that is an interesting looking hybrid tablet ultrabook

Paul Thurrott demos windows 8 on Windows IT Pro Insider

I found this video online that you guys might be interested in. Paul Thurrott is a veteran Windows 8 tech journalist and analyst and his analysis is usually very good. In this video, Paul Thurrott demonstrates Windows 8

The Windows 8 Developer Preview can run on Microsoft Surface 1.0

The Windows 8 Developer Preview can run on Microsoft Surface 1.0 Josh Blake from Infostrat does a demo of the Windows 8 developer preview running on Microsoft Surface 1.0 It’s a cool little video that seems to

Winrumors is confirming that Microsoft will give out Windows 8 Tablets at BUILD.

So I was one of the first to wonder if Microsoft would give out Windows 8 tablets at the BUILD conference. Tom Warren (from Winrumors) is confirming that Microsoft WILL give out Windows 8 tablets at the conference. Quote:

Will Microsoft give out Windows 8 demo tablets at BUILD?

So there has been a lot of speculation about Microsoft giving out a software preview of Windows 8 at or around the BUILD conference. Fair enough. Most of the speculation has been about when will the demo