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Finding the Best Approach to Deploying Windows 8

While more than a few organizations have passed on deploying Windows 8 for various reasons, there are many others who are planning to deploy Windows 8 in some form. For the IT organizations in these companies, one

Exploring Windows 8 Adoption Decisions in the Enterprise

This has been a busy year for IT managers. New technologies have become available at an increasing pace while economic uncertainty has made technology adoption decisions more critical. For those managing existing Windows-based IT infrastructure or considering

Video – How MSIT Deployed Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview

It’s not the Windows 8 production copy but it should still be helpful. In this video, Microsoft subject matter experts discuss the steps that MSIT made to provide a seamless user experience when they deployed the Windows

Windows Live with HTML 5 has begun to roll out..

Microsoft have started the rollout of the new version of SkyDrive. The new version is being built to take advantage of HTML 5. Some of the performance investments were made in the following areas: Improved many core

Windows 8 release date – too early, too late or just right?

So, there’s a new blog post by Mary Jo Foley called “Windows 8: Beta collectors waiting with bated breath for a leak”. It basically talks about the fact that we are waiting to see the new OS,

I need your help to establish Windows 7 sales in the Fortune 500

So here’s the deal. My buddy Marc and I made a bet a year or more ago and I need your help to make my $500. He basically bet that by the summer of 2011, I would