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Microsoft Has Finalized File Explorer Dark Mode

A new week, a new Windows 10 build. This time around, build 17733 is the one that is doing the rounds. And it brings with it a dark mode for File Explorer that was announced all the

Microsoft Store App Gets A Design Refresh

Long time due, too. Redmond has rolled out a design refresh for the Microsoft Store app, the desktop one at least, along with a few new features to go with it. First noted here, this new update

Microsoft Store May Get Departments

Or rather, a Departments menu. Microsoft Store, formerly known as the Windows Store, has come a long way from its early days, where it offered just apps. And well, games, if you want to call them that.

Windows 10 Concept Reimagines File Association UI

It’s remarkable how all over the place is the user interface in Microsoft’s OS is. The refreshing new Windows 10 concept shows how an across the board streamlining of all elements might look. Based on the Fluent

Ford Using HoloLens For Automotive Design

It’s not the first time that HoloLens has been used to revolutionize and industrial process, but Ford has become the latest company to embrace the mixed reality device, calling it a powerful tool. So much so that

How To Do Color Management In Windows 10

Color management is the controlled conversion of the color representation of different devices. In other words, how hardware like monitors, TVs, scanners, digital cameras, printers display colors. Windows 10, just like previous versions of the operating system,

Windows 8.1 Made To Look Exactly Like Windows XP

What took them so long! Windows XP still powers some 18% of computers the world over, but the vintage platform is steadily losing users and people upgrade to newer solutions. Once such solution is Microsoft’s latest —

Microsoft Talks Design And New Features Of The Nokia X2

For a next generation device that arrived mere four months after the original, the Nokia X2 lineup sure brings a lot of refinement to the company’s series of budget Android smartphones. And Microsoft highlighted these changes in

Samsung’s New Tablet Design Looks Similar To ASUS Transformer Pad

Word around the block is that Samsung is now working on foldable tablet devices of some sorts, with planned launch dates of early 2015. And some patent details now shed some light on the matter. The US

Bing Gets A Modern Design With A Flat New Logo

As far as end users are concerned, Bing is perhaps the most important Microsoft product this side of Windows and Windows Phone. Even ahead of Office and Xbox, considering just how much attention Redmond pays to its