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Download The Official Twitch App For Windows 10

Months of experiments and beta testing have led to this moment. The moment when the official Twitch app for Windows 10 has been made available for download. It’s a desktop client, designed for both the Windows and

Intel To Merge Mobile CPU And Computer Divisions In 2015

It may seem all serene on the outside for Intel, what the with chip giant coming off of another record breaking financial quarter. Inside, though, things are different. The company is still to make a name for

Skype Desktop Clients Updated With New User Interface

Windows and OS X users rejoice, for the Skype desktop clients have finally received the long awaited refresh that was supposed to bring along a new user interface. It has been a long time coming, but the

Skype Update Adds New Features, Screen Sharing Now Free

Another month, another Skype update. These latest additions to the popular communication platform show just how active this unit is at Microsoft, adding in new enhancements and making changes after listening to user feedback. For starters, Skype

Older Skype Desktop Versions For Windows And Mac To Be Retired

Things have been moving hard and fast in the world of Skype. Microsoft recently redesigned the iOS version of the VoIP client to look similar to Windows Phone, while the dedicated Windows Phone 8.1 version is destined

Desktop Skype Users To Get Modern Features Soon

Skype is one Microsoft service that gets updates on a regular basis, and this new one is rather interesting. Desktop users of Skype are in line to get some Modern features in the very near future. And

Microsoft wants to clearly distinguish between PC and tablet users

Convergence. It is not always on. Or recommended. Microsoft might have tried this philosophy on for size a couple of years back, but the company has clearly changed gears now. It would be harsh to call this

Here Is The Video That Shows The Returning Start Menu In Action

One of the bigger news stories, at least in the world of computing technology, was the official confirmation that Microsoft would be bringing back the Start Menu in a future update for Windows. For obvious reasons, of

Microsoft: We Value The Desktop, It Is The Core Of Windows

A leisurely stroll is a gift, but when you stray too far away voices will be raised. This is what happened with Windows 8 as the technology industry felt that Redmond had forsaken the desktop and gone

Start Menu Will Return In A Future Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft Confirms

Well, it’s official people. The Start Menu will return to Windows in a future update. Microsoft shared this exciting news at BUILD 2014, saying that they want to make the operating system more appropriate for desktop users.