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Around 8.4% Of Desktop Computers Still Running Windows XP

That is, in total. Windows XP was officially retired earlier this year, and even though users and companies are steadily moving away from this old OS, it still powers a substantial amount of PCs. A new research

Windows XP Retirement Could Be Great For Enterprise PC Sales

It appears that desktop PCs may get one last hurrah. Windows XP is finally fading away, and with mere months remaining between official retirement of the operating system, Microsoft has amped up efforts to convince users and

IDC: Tablets Outselling Desktops And Notebooks Combined In The UK

The fact that tablets are here to dominate is crystal clear by now, with many analysts already predicting that the slates are going to eat more and more into the market share of traditional PCs. If anything,

Tablet Study Sees Rapid Adoption at the Expense of other Platforms

Tablets are encroaching on all other computing devices Tech solution provider, Skava has a new study on tablet computers, and there are a few findings that stand out and are relevant to Windows 8 and its new

Attack of the All-In-Ones, Is the Desktop Tower Going Extinct?

Windows 8 hardware announcements have started to unveil a pretty clear picture, at least in my mind. We’ve seen laptop/tablet hybrids, touch laptops, touch all-in-ones and even massive tablets that 20-inches in size and can also turn