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Microsoft Drops Yearly Renewal Fee For Developer Accounts

Good, if a bit delayed, initiative from a company that is striving to bring more apps to its stores. Microsoft has now completely done away with yearly renewals for developer accounts. This silent, but highly useful change

All Developers Can Now Reply To Windows Phone App User Reviews

One more Microsoft feature hits primetime. Windows Phone app developers, all of them, can now engage with users of their applications, and respond to queries and concerns directly. Up until now, this facility was on only available

Nokia To Focus On Midrange Phones In 2013

Smart decision from the Finnish telecommunication giant. Even though its newer flagship smartphones in the Lumia series like the 920 and 820 are charting up sales records the world over, Nokia knows that it’s better to focus

Windows Phone Store Expands To Another 42 Countries

Somebody has been reading Douglas Adams, it seems. The number 42 has been one of the more famous natural numbers, receiving considerable attention after it was revealed to be the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life,

Interested in Developing Apps for Windows Phone 8? Get a Dev Center Subscription for just $8

Microsoft carefully guarded the keys to developing for Microsoft Windows Phone 8 for a very long time. In fact there was quite a bit of criticism that lead many of us in the tech world to question