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Windows 8.1 Start Screen

Apps Are Now Waving Goodbye To Windows 8.1

Time for Windows 8.1 users to jump ship? Don’t look now but there’s an exodus going on, one where developers are quietly abandoning one of…

Windows Developer Awards

Second Windows Developer Awards Are A Go

Only second? This thing should have been there since the days of Windows 8. But anyway, Microsoft has announced that it will be holding its…

PC Gamer

New DirectX 12 Features In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Lifting the veil! Microsoft has finally provided a lot more details on the bunch of new DirectX 12 features that are have been released as…

Windows Vista

Former Employee Reveals Where Things Went Wrong For Microsoft

Microsoft seems to be in the process of a pivot, shifting focus away from its platforms to general productivity, at least on the mobile side…


Game Developer Criticizes Microsoft’s Windows Phone Strategy

Game Troopers is one of the more popular developers around. They came to the Windows Phone platform in good faith a couple of years ago,…

DirectX 12

Microsoft Details New DirectX 12 Features

DirectX 12 launched with Windows 10 in 2015, and is steadily becoming a way for developers to get better performance out of the GPU in…


Microsoft Explains Why There Are So Few Edge Extensions

Or at least, tries to. Edge extensions are in the spotlight right now, with Microsoft publishing a blog post recently detailing why the list of…


Microsoft To Celebrate Windows Developer Day On October 10

The details of the next Windows Developer Day are here with us. Microsoft will be celebrating one on October 10, which is more or less…


Microsoft Launches Its First Mixed Reality Series

No, not that kind of a series. We’re still a decade or two away from mixed reality taking over the television! But Microsoft certainly wants…


Windows Device Portal Getting A Bunch Of New Tools

You may or may not be aware of the Windows Device Portal. This useful little tool is designed to allow you to remotely manage and…