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Microsoft give more details about Windows 8 Boot Options

Now the updates are coming fast and furious with the Windows 8 development blog. A new post is out called “Designing for PC’s that boot faster than ever before”. In it, Microsoft talk about the challenges of

Microsoft flesh out multi-monitor support in Windows 8

In yet another new post on the Windows 8 Development blog, Microsoft talk about some of the new advances coming to the management of multiple monitors in Windows 8. Microsoft is adding a lot of new features

Windows 8 – Creating The User Experience – My Analysis of the Microsoft Post

In what must be the longest Windows 8 development post ever called “Creating the Windows 8 user experience“, Jensen Harris ( the Microsoft Windows 8 Director of User Experience Program Management ) walks us through the rationale

Microsoft make substantial changes to CHKDSK

In a new post on the Windows 8 Development Blog, Microsoft talk about the new NTFS health model for Windows 8 and their redesigned tool for disk corruption detection and fixing, the chkdsk utility The post was authored

Microsoft detail security improvements in Windows 8

Microsoft have updated their development blog with a fresh post today. The title of the post is “Protecting your digital identity“. Dustin Ingalls, the author of this post, is a group program manager on the security and

Microsoft streamline the Windows install process with Windows 8

On their Windows 8 development blog, Microsoft have outlined the new and improved process for upgrading and installing Windows 8 on a PC. It’s an interesting post written by Christa St. Pierre. I found a few things

Microsoft punt on fixing the Windows Update problem – what would Steve Jobs have done?

Microsoft was doing so well and now… this.. I had just blogged about how Windows Update restarts needed to be fixed in Windows 8 and voila – Microsoft responded (to the issue not me, I’m not presumptuous). In