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Next ARM Processors May Outperform Intel

1-2-3 Go! The race for processor supremacy is on, with all three big players firing on all cylinders. AMD, Intel and now ARM, all are bracing for a future where innovation in CPUs becomes the focus. But

Hardware Devices Section Added To The Microsoft Store App

Only one question: Why was this not done before? The Microsoft Store app has just got a dedicated tab for users to buying Windows powered devices and accessories. This was the very reason why the Windows Store

You Can Now Install Windows Store Apps On Up To 2,000 Devices

But will you? In a move that is sure to please end users, and may upset developers, Microsoft has quietly raised the Windows Store device limit to 2,000. Which basically means unlimited. This will make life easier

Where is Microsoft going to end up as a devices company?

So, now we are starting to see interesting developments as Microsoft begins to fully morph into a full devices company. Meg Whitman, the CEO of HP basically has come right out and said she considers Microsoft to

HP lets us in on Pricing and Availability Details for its Windows 8 Devices

HP hasn’t exactly done great in the tablet world so far. Everyone still remembers the failure that was the HP TouchPad (even though I kind of liked WebOS, honestly). Even so, it seems the company is gearing

LG is introducing Windows 8 devices, too

From smartphones to tablets and even appliances, LG is there. While their products aren’t necessarily the “best around”, they aren’t bad either. For those that like what LG has to offer, you’ll be happy to know that

Inside Windows 8: PC Settings – Devices

In Windows 8, you can add devices to your computer or tablet You can get to this from the Charms > Settings > More PC Settings > Devices It shows a bunch of devices that are already

Who came up with the name "Charms" in Windows 8?

I was having a conversation about Windows 8 with a cousin of mine and it’s funny – this issue has started popping up in discussions. I’m talking about the name “Charms”. Microsoft use the name to describe

Microsoft release the Windows 8 Hardware Certification Requirements for devices

Microsoft have released their Windows 8 Hardware Certification Requirements for devices. The document is dated December 2011. About the Microsoft Hardware Certification Program: As always, the Windows Hardware Certification Program (previously known as the Windows Logo Program for

Qualcomm drooling over Windows 8

Qualcomm had a really good fourth quarter and it seems the elation of the results got some of the execs talking about Windows 8 very enthusiastically. Among some of the revelations – they have over 350 devices