Windows Devices

Hardware Devices Section Added To The Microsoft Store App

Only one question: Why was this not done before? The Microsoft Store app has just got a dedicated tab for users to buying Windows powered…

The Microsoft Surface

Where is Microsoft going to end up as a devices company?

So, now we are starting to see interesting developments as Microsoft begins to fully morph into a full devices company. Meg Whitman, the CEO of HP…


HP lets us in on Pricing and Availability Details for its Windows 8 Devices

HP hasn’t exactly done great in the tablet world so far. Everyone still remembers the failure that was the HP TouchPad (even though I kind…


LG is introducing Windows 8 devices, too

From smartphones to tablets and even appliances, LG is there. While their products aren’t necessarily the “best around”, they aren’t bad either. For those that…


Inside Windows 8: PC Settings – Devices

In Windows 8, you can add devices to your computer or tablet You can get to this from the Charms > Settings > More PC Settings…


Who came up with the name "Charms" in Windows 8?

I was having a conversation about Windows 8 with a cousin of mine and it’s funny – this issue has started popping up in discussions. I’m…


Microsoft release the Windows 8 Hardware Certification Requirements for devices

Microsoft have released their Windows 8 Hardware Certification Requirements for devices. The document is dated December 2011. About the Microsoft Hardware Certification Program: As always, the Windows Hardware Certification…


Qualcomm drooling over Windows 8

Qualcomm had a really good fourth quarter and it seems the elation of the results got some of the execs talking about Windows 8 very…