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Windows Dictionary: File Attributes

Right-click on a file or folder in Windows and go to its Properties, and you are treated with a multitude of information about that particular item, including its type, size, location and when it was created. Towards

App Watch: Dictionary

The title of this app may not be the most inspired or creative one around, but it takes nothing away from the very impressive feature set Dictionary for Windows 8 has to offer. In simpler terms, this

App Watch: WordWeb

We have rarely covered Windows 8 Reference apps, and no better way than to make up for it with WordWeb the popular dictionary that is now available on Microsoft’s newest platform. This English language dictionary and thesaurus

Windows 8 – App Highlight: Dictionary

Many of the apps that I’ve had the pleasure to try out in Metro have actually proven to me how much more enjoyable web experiences are when wrapped within ‘app shells’. Sure, you can look up hotels