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Microsoft Details DirectX 12 For PC, Xbox One And Mobile

The Game Developers Conference is in full swing right now, and a number of notable announcements have already come our way, both regarding game engines and upcoming titles. Microsoft promised first official details on DirectX 12 during

Microsoft Teases DirectX 12, Might Launch Alongside Windows 9

If you are a PC gamer gobsmacked by the apparent lack of innovation on the DirectX front, then you have some good news flying your way. Microsoft seems to be preparing something big. The next version of

Microsoft Highlights DirectX 11.2 On Windows 8.1

Hardcore PC gaming has been on a bit of a standstill these past few years. The rise in power and proliferation of gaming consoles and mobile devices has meant most of the attention is being focused on

Windows 8 Training – Build a Metro Style game

A new Windows 8 Training Video. This one is taught by Chas Boyd. Video description Games are undoubtedly one of the most popular style of apps with users today and one of the largest money makers as

Creating 3d applications in Windows 8 Metro

Windows 8 is being promoted as a source of unique 3d rendering capabilities in the Metro style applications. The new tools that come with Metro are touted as being able to provide some of the most impressive