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Microsoft Has Changed IE 11 Do Not Track Behavior In Windows 8.1

Controversial as it is, the DNT (Do Not Track) option remains a very important technology for Microsoft, and its popular web browser. Redmond regularly talks about this feature, and now the software titan has improved the default

Microsoft: Do Not Track Puts Users In Control Of Their Content

When it comes to the Do Not Track feature on web browsers, Microsoft is clearly a bit of a lone ranger. Sure, almost all major browsers support it, but Internet Explorer takes it to another level by

Microsoft Wants The Industry To Honor Internet Explorer DNT Option

The on-by-default DNT feature is one of the most controversial features of Microsoft’s IE10, but despite criticisms from various industry quarters, the company seems intent on continuing with it. In fact, it has asked other technology leaders

Analyst: The “Do Not Track” Feature Could Be The End Of Free Internet

Oh boy. As one saga concludes (yes, I am talking about the final Twilight movie), another one rages on with a new episode. The “Do Not Track” feature of Internet Explorer 10 is in the spotlight again.